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"THC", the melancholic afrobeats of Congolese Blaqface

The label Wald Level Records embellishes its young catalog with a beautiful third single. PAM invites you to dive into the universe of Blaqface with his new track “THC”.

Originally from Goma, DRC, Makombe Samuel moved to Uganda in 2013, where he became Blaqface, a promising African hip-hop artist. Now 23, the young rapper developed a passion for music in high school, taking part in hip-hop battles organized among students. As compliments and positive feedback accumulated around his freestyles, the teenager felt he had a card to play, becoming interested in the history of rap and imagined being part of the present. He grew the confidence to launch himself in a musical career, which has been taking shape for a few months, thanks to the Congolese label Wald Level Records.

Launched this year by Oyisse, an artist we discovered with an experimental EP released by Hakuna Kulala, Wald Level is a springboard to promote young Afrobeats talents from Congo and elsewhere. Blaqface is one of his first foals, who defines his style as modern hip-hop infused with dancehall and Afrobeats, influenced by the giant J Cole. Behind his irresistible R’n B flow and sensual vibe lies a great melancholy and painful history. He says: “I define THC as ‘Too High to Concentrate’, but the abbreviation comes from TetraHydroCannabinol, the substance in cannabis that gets people high. THC’ has a very catchy afro-urban vibe. This song means a lot to me. It was inspired by a personal experience where I almost lost my life. I thought I was high but I was losing my breath, my blood was freezing, I was dying. Only my brothers and sisters were there with me at the time. All this made me realize that the most important people in life are family. Without their prayers and God’s mercy, I might not be alive today.

“THC” is out now, listen and order it here.

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Blaqface – THC (Too High to Concentrate)