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Molotof remixes Fairuz on “Free Palestine”

Two months after the premiere of PAM’s Off the Map documentary, the young Cairene artist has been busy dropping new tracks including this lastest taking a stand for the Palestinian people.

Last April, PAM released a film directed by Arthur Larie and Bastien Massa telling the story of young electronic producer Molotof and his life in Cairo following the Arab Spring. Since, he has not exactly slowed down. On the contrary, he has been riding the tide to expand his musical projects and build his artistic persona. In the span of two months, Molotof has released two EPs (Zapatista and 7eenMaysara), seven separate tracks and a bundle of remixes including “Free Palestine”.

Molotof – Free Palestine الحرية لفلسطين

Sampling “Al Quds fil Bal” from legendary Lebanese singer Fairuz, Molotof takes a stand for the Palestinian people in an track unambigiously called “Free Palestine”. A telling choice, as the Soul of Lebanon used the original to pay tribute to the suffering of Palestinan people in what translated to “Jerusalem in my mind”. Like Fairuz before him, Molotof is using his platform to spread a politically engaged message and shed light on the plight of the Palestinian people caught in the middle of a century-old conflict. As the Israelian government is on the brink of collapse – the prime minister Naftali Bennett having just announced his intent to dissolve the Knesset – the situation remains particularly tense.

Watch our documentary Molotof, plugged-in to Cairo’s flame:

Molotof, plugged-in to Cairo’s flame