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Pan African Rap: Flohio, Skeng & SNOR

Also including new music from Offica, DBO, Darkovibes and Young Lunya.

Each week Pan African Music scours the digital vaults for the latest and greatest rap from across the African continent and its diaspora. Drill, trap, grime, Afropop, amapiano, coupé-décalé, electro mahragan… all these sub-genres and interpretations make an appearance, attesting to hip-hop’s power to unite the world with indomitable flows and creative melodies. Rap is now the world’s music, and our pan-African selection is only scratching the surface. If it’s here, it means we think it bumps, and would be confident sharing it with hip-hop heads everywhere. We encourage you to do the same.

This week’s Pan African Rap roundup features a new dancehall-infused banger, a mental performance born from a team effort, Flohio’s introspective journey, SNOR’s ski mask collection and Young Lunya reinvents himself as a hairdresser.

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“Gang Bang”

Jamaica, June 9th, 2022

Infamous Jamaicain rapper Skeng dropped “Gang Bang”, a new dancehall infused banger showcasing his bouncy flow. The video clip shot in Trinidad shows him hanging out with his mates, strolling the street, proudly carrying, and demonstrating they’re not a crew to be messed with.

Offica, DBO and Darkovibes

Ghana, Nigeria, June 10th, 2022

Ghanaian Darkovibes and Nigerians Offica and DBO assemble in a lively track entitled “Kolomental”. Truly “mental” especially DBO’s performance as he managed to make a strong impression despite a very short vocal appearance.

“Cuddy Buddy”

United Kingdom, June 9th, 2022

Nigeria-born South Londonese rapper Flohio returns with a new single entitled “Cuddy Buddy”. In the video clip, Flohio delivers an introspective performance harnessing her lyrical abilities to successfully convey her unease.


Morocco, June 11th, 2022

Moroccan rapper SNOR pulls some heavy ski mask game in “Kasseta”. Hanging out with mermaids on a daily basis must push you to outdo yourself in the style department. A true fashion masterclass.

Young Lunya
“Vitu Vingi”

Tanzania, June 10th, 2022

Tanzanian rapper Young Lunya demonstrates his rap skills and hair-cutting abilities in “Vintu Vingi”. His impeccable flow is well served by the clip’s fresh visuals.

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