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Avalanche Kaito unveils trippy visuals for “TOULELE”

The Belgian-Burkinabe trio just released a new clip with highly potent and symbolic visuals for their new single “TOULELE”, part of their eight-track debut album.

There aren’t that many Belgian-Burkinabe bands outhere and even less so like Avalanche Kaito, born from the meeting between Kaito Winse, a Burkinabe urban griot, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist (tama, peul flutes, mouth bow), and a Belgium noise punk duo composed of drummer Benjamin Chaval and guitarist Nico Gitto. Today, they unveil their debut album and an intriguing and cryptic clip for the 7th track “TOULELE” directed by Simon Breeveld.

In it, a whitish spectral humanoid, whose movements are animated from Kaito’s dance, finds itself separated from its lifeless body lying on the ground. This strange figure must then embark on a surreal trip, running and falling through a glitchy world inhabited by sublime giants. More odd still, their human-shaped bodies are topped by buildings found in Kaito’s homeland and in Brussels, where he has been living for the past three years. One giant’s head thus seems to be mirrored after the gothic lantern tower of 15th century Flemish architect Van Ruysbroek which adorns Brussels town hall, while the other sports a spiky shape reminiscent of the Dioulassoba mosque. Other fragmented hints suggest the protagonist is revisiting familiar places, trying to reconcile two identities. 

These ever-changing visuals provide a full sensory experience to better appreciate the peculiar soundspace of Avalanche Kaito, a mix of West African oral traditions and futuristic noise.