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DÉERR stirs Senegalese youth in potent clip

The German-Senegalese duo DÉERR calls on Senegalese youth to take action in a charged evocative clip entitled “Senegal Bondeléne” .

Baby Sy, Senegalese DJ, singer and member of the Barcelonian band Jokkoo, teamed up with German producer AIIOM, already familiar with the underground African scene and who worked with MC Yallah and Menzi. Together, they founded DÉERR, a word which means “skin” in Wolof, aka our most important sensory (and biggest) organ which serves as a thin barrier between our body and the outside world. In the single “Senegal Bondeléne”, Baby Sy tackles issues related to the reality of street-life through his tassu-inspired rhythmic flow. Tassu is part of Senegalese musical tradition and compared to rap.

In this raw, intense track, DÉERR draws on gqom, singeli and other experimental African musical trends. The duo uses music as a medium to express one’s identity and to encourage Senegalese youth to take action and to express themselves freely (and with complete confidence) in their own vocabulary and their own language.

In this unsettling clip, actor Camilo Mejía breaks free from the ropes that bind him, shouting to express his need for freedom through a fierce choreography close to krumping. With pure unhinged energy, DÉERR offers an audible and visual experience to denounce an independence still too hesitant: “We are not going to ask permission to do what we want to do. Let’s do it!. Too much time passed after the (Senegalese) independence without change. Let’s do it! The time has come. Walk strong. Walk determined.”