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Ugandan collective ANTI‑MASS announce new project DOXA

The EP, which explores Pan African club sounds, features tracks from Turkana, Nsasi and Authentically Plastic. Listen to “Grind” exclusively on PAM. 

ANTI-MASS is a Queer DJ and producer collective based in Uganda. A collaborative effort from its three artists – Turkana from South Sudan, Nsasi from Jinja (Uganda) and Kampa-based Authentically Plastic – DOXA emerged from a year of group experiments & listening sessions. It reflects their common interest in shaking up traditional forms, techniques and palettes, making them fall and reform in new directions, discovering new tensions in familiar methods, all the while maintaining an emphasis on the alien and disorienting. Over the course of six tracks, DOXA gives the floor to Authentically Plastic who showcases their gqom, vogue & techno-infused sound, while Turkana’s hard electronics and Nsasi’s Kiganda percussions combine with an East African trap shine. Discover the latter’s “Grind” below. 

Nsasi’s playful solo track brings to mind the loose arrangements of Chicago house just as much as it pays tribute to the polyrhythmic percussion embedded in his culture. The producer joyfully assembles sounds or phenomena that have nothing to do with each other, stacking them, stretching them, distorting them sometimes beyond recognition, and at other times accidentally arriving at something vaguely familiar. This openness to unpredictability is generally fueled by Kampala’s young, but thriving underground music scene; as well as the resilient, Queer friendships that have emerged from the ethics and mutual support that drives this small collective.

DOXA, out on October 7 via ANTI-MASS. 

Nsasi – Grind