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Moonchild Sanelly and Sad Night Dynamite exorcise demons on new track

The South African and British artists join forces for new ghostly visuals. 

“Demon” is an electric collaboration between South African star Moonchild Sanelly and UK-natives Sad Night Dynamite, who combine over a track that is danceable and dystopian, but ultimately empowering in its exorcism of dark influences. Recorded remotely over lockdown, the track takes Moonchild and Sad Night’s two very different experiences and transforms them into something strange and new. “It was amazing to work with the guys on this track,” says Moonchild Sanelly. “I love their sound and when I heard their twisted instrumental, I knew I needed to write about this demon that was in my life at the time – a very real and dark experience I was going through. It’s great how the guys developed the story and sound, especially as this was a deep one for me. It’s great to work with people with such a different sound who are across the globe feeling the same things about someone else!

Sad Night Dynamite, meanwhile, started work on “Demon” “after Moonchild’s verse gave Josh a nightmare in which he was on trial for being a witch. In the end it turned out he wasn’t one, but by that point it was too late, they’d already drowned him. We’ve been big fans of Moonchild for a minute now. We love her music and what she stands for. The energy she brought with ‘Demon’ was so unique. Collabing with her was a no brainer.” The video sees the artists, followed and possessed by their shadows… 

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