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Obeka, the balancing act from Bermuda

Originally from Bermuda, Obeka mixes influences from his native archipelago with British sound system music on his new EP, Move Like So. Listen to “Duppy Drum” before anyone else on PAM.

The Bermuda archipelago is an Atlantic Ocean territory with all the attributes of a honeymoon postcard. Beyond its idyllic scenery, these islands are a true concentration of cultures, the majority of the population being of African descent and sharing strong genetic links with the Caribbean, the United Kingdom, the United States and Portugal. The young DJ and producer Obeka is one of the standard bearers for this Afro-Caribbean identity in England, where he has been living since he was 16. Based in Manchester, he has absorbed the carnival ambiance and sound system infrabasses, pulled by the ever-changing UK club scene, always ahead of its time. When these blend with Obeka’s roots, the mixed influences result in the Move Like So EP, released on the Polish label Basy Tropikalne, which is always on the lookout for new Afro-electronic talents. Listen to “Duppy Drum” exclusively on PAM, a live track mixing bass music and West African percussion, which perfectly introduces the new EP. Machines and instruments serve the artist’s vocal experiments in a resolutely dancehall atmosphere. For the occasion, Obeka has shared a few words on the importance of acoustic-electronic fusions.

Hearing handmade sounds in today’s electronic ecosystem is unbelievably refreshing. The overload of computerized sounds we listen to everyday can be exhausting. Whether it is Spotify, TV adverts, dare I say clubs, and even mobile alerts from our phone every hour. This is why we react and behave differently when in the presence of live performance. The texture, rawness, voice and equilibrium of someone’s expression through an instrument or body reminds us of where it all started along with a beautiful perspective of how it has developed. This project attempts to find the balance between both formats of sonic creation without losing one or the other.”

The EP will be available on October 22 via Basy Tropikalne. Pre-order it here.