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Jamire Williams drops new "Safe Travels"

With this experimental hip-hop piece, the American musician announces his upcoming album, But Only After You Have Suffered.

Jamire Williams has an extensive resume as an avant-garde jazz and independent artist. He is known for applying the practice of sampling to modern jazz composition, beatmaking, vocals as well as impressionistic drumming styles. His debut album EFFECTUAL, released in 2016, marked a powerful solo effort that established his affinity for minimalism. The musician has collaborated with artists such as Jeff Parker, Carlos Niño and Solange. 

Williams now presents “Safe Travels,” a three-part Southern rap track with lyrics by Houston-based MC Fat Tony and his Los Angeles-based younger brother Zeroh. The sample used is grounded in orchestral sounds taken from Skip Mahoaney and the Casuals’ “I Need Your Love.” The second single from his forthcoming album But Only After You Have Suffered was released via International Anthem and recorded at Stones Throw Studios in Los Angeles. “It’s a whole work,” Jamire explains, “it flows seamlessly and it’s meant to be played until you really understand what’s going on. It’s meant to be listened to until you really understand all the messages and the prayers and the screams.”

But Only After You Have Suffered, available on October 29 via International Anthem. 

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