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Alma Negra pays tribute to 80s zouk

The Swiss trio continues its rhythmic journey through an exploration of zouk. Listen to the remix of “Zouk Combat” by Bosq below.

References to Dakar, Cotonou, Eritrea and Reunion Island … Alma Negra’s driving force is all about exploring world sounds in order to extract fresh, club-oriented music, always paying tribute to a certain genre or a region. Drawing on their roots from Cape Verde, the Figueira brothers like to combine their knowledge of jazz, house, Latin and African music, especially on their eponymous label, which was launched in 2018 with their colleague Mario. In this new EP, entitled Zouk Combat, the funky synths, drum machines and feel-good lyrics of Martinique and Guadeloupean zouk are reshaped, via their capable hands, into something that reflects them as artists. Thanks to their rich background and multicultural approach, as much rooted in New York house as in MPB or traditional African music, they honour 80s Afrodisco via contagious, inviting rhythms. As proof, they feature Bosq, a Boston native based in Medellin, who is charged with revisiting the title track through his unstoppable Afro-Latin groove universe, confirming his status as an essential international remixer.

The EP will be available on October 15, pre-order it here.