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Muthoni Drummer Queen drops new visuals with Sauti Sol ahead of album

“Love Potion” comes with an announcement of a new album, River, from the Nairobi rapper. 

A frontrunner of Kenyan rap, Muthoni Drummer Queen has consistently advocated for social and spiritual emancipation in her music. On her previous album, She, the artist portrayed strong, pioneering women who fought for their rights and for greater equality. Her next album, River, which has just been announced, takes its name from the artist’s constant evolution, faith and thirst for experience. “A lot of cultures believe in the idea of going back to the roots, like water forming a natural cycle, coming down from the mountains to form rivers, oceans, and then evaporating back to where it came from,” she says. “But I believe that we never really leave our source, that it is embedded in us, that we carry it wherever we are.”

To bring this new project to life, she has enlisted the likes of Swiss production duo GR! & Hook. It is a partnership that has been going on since 2013 and lays the foundations for a mix between electronic sounds and organic African music. “We had to find a balance between our roots. It’s all part of the journey, the quest I’m on through River.”

“Love Potion” is the third single from the album, following “Give Thanks.” The track is the result of a long-awaited collaboration between Muthoni and his long-time friends, Kenyan superstars Sauti Sol. Infused with dancehall and R&B, clearly calibrated for hot nights in Nairobi, the track has an infectious edge running through it. The lush video features the rapper and band in a festive and mysterious environment, reminiscent at times of the Rio carnival aesthetic. 

River by Muthoni Drummer Queen, out on November 19.

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