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Footwork producer Jlin’s new EP Embryo

The American artist has announced a project filled with IDM, footwork and techno influences.

Jlin is an electronic music producer from Indiana, United-States. Initially associated with Chicago’s footwork scene, her music has evolved into a new dimension, exploring unheard rhythms and placing her in a category of her own. Her debut album Dark Energy, released in 2015 via Planet Mu, was filled with twisted, volatile tracks that expressed deep frustration and anger. The artist has continued this trend with two other albums, and is now preparing a new EP, Embryo. I was just writing trying to get out of my own head. I wrote all these pieces in between commissions and trying to stay afloat mentally,” she comments.

The title track “Embryo,” already available, features a bold and fiery sound palette recalling the futurism of nineties Detroit techno and British IDM without succumbing to their cliches. The bumping “Auto Pilot” takes her mutant techno stance even further, while “Connect The Dots” is one of the standouts from her recent live sets. She singles out the final track “Rabbit Hole” as a highlight for her – describing it as “a track I truly enjoyed making. It made me feel nostalgia yet connected me to my own evolution.” The piece is particularly laidback, with the kind of rhythmic complexity only Jlin can bring.

Embryo by Jlin, out on December 10 via Planet Mu.

Listen to “Embryo” in our afro + club playlist on Spotify and Deezer.