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Klein announces new album Harmattan

The London-based composer explores classical music in a new project to be released via Pentatone. 

Klein is a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in London. Her catalogue includes Frozen (2020), Lifetime (2019), CC (2018), Tommy (2017), Lagata and Only (2016). Outside of music, she has also been commissioned for performances at noteworthy art galleries and has even directed a musical theatre. Following her latest project, the artist now announces a new album, Harmattan, to be released on November 19. The record’s title comes from a dry wind that blows every year from the East and Northeast over the Sahara and West Africa.

The album was written, produced, mixed and performed by Klein, who also did the artwork. She will showcase her own exploration of classical music across eleven tracks, while adding her own R&B, rap and grime influences. The project features Welsh singer, songwriter and actress Charlotte Church and UK-based artist Jawnino on “skyfall.” The track “hope dealers,” a six-minute majestic synthesizer piece, is already available. 

Harmattan by Klein, out on November 19. 

Klein will play at the Le Guess Who? festival, taking place between 11-14 November.

Klein – hope dealers