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Klein shares 'Claim It' music video extract from debut album

Nigerian-born British artist Klein unveils the disturbing video clip of “Claim It” from her self-produced album Lifetime.

South London based musician Klein is an artist who’s avant-garde vision has seen her quickly become one of the UK’s most intriguing and unpinnable producers and performers. Using notoriously erratic audio editing software Audacity as a canvas for catch-up, pitch-shifted and contorted cellphone recordings of her own voice, piano, quotidian sounds, and samples from childhood Nigerian B movies, Klein’s playfully brooding assemblages seem to create under their maximalist weight, their own construction made brazenly audible.

Directed by Nicolai Niermann, one of the most impressive music video directors in recent years (Kendrick Lamar’s “Element”, Blood Orange’s “Charcoal Baby” or Kelsey Lu’s “Foreign Car”) and Klein herself,  “Claim It” is a troubling experience.

Taking place during a birthday party, the visual of the track slides little by little towards a pure universe of abstraction, where the guests see their faces undergoing worrying mutations. Faithful to the aesthetics developed over the last few years by the London based artist, “Claim It” immerses the spectator in a disconcerting sensory experience. “Claim It” can be found on Klein’s latest album, produced entirely by her and entitled Lifetime.

  Klein Claim It Vid 2