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Shabazz Palaces drop a song from new album 'The Don of Diamond Dreams'

The hip hop duo invite Purple Tape Nate on this new song entitled “Fast Learner” extract from new album The Don of Diamonds Dreams.

Photo credit: Patrick O’Brien-Smith 

On April 17th, Ishmael Butler and Tendai Maraire will release their album The Don of Diamond Dreams, till then, you can listen to their new track Fast Learner in collaboration with the singer Purple Tape Nate. The latter was on their last album Quarzarz vs. The Jealous Machines on the track ‘Love in the time of Kanye’.

The lead single ‘Fast Learner’ is one of the 10-tracks album that was recorded in 2019, the iconic duo from Seattle will come back during spring with their typical musical mix with this album.

The album The Don of Diamond Dreams is scheduled for April 17th on the label Sub Pop. Discover the cover artwork below and pre-order the album now.