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Zlatan shows off again his footwork in 'Quilox' music video

After quite a phenomenal year 2019 to say the least, Zlatan starts the new year with the amusing “Quinox” music video.

After the release of his debut album Zanku on November 1st, Zlatan Ibile has not been idle. In the meantime, we have had the opportunity to hear him on the songs “Sweet In The Middle” by superstar DaVido and “Money Love” by the Nigerian singer Willie XO. A few days ago he came back solo with the new single “Quinox”, to which he offers a visual today.

Faithful to himself, Zlatan, who is no longer known as Zlatan Ibile, delivers with “Quinox” a playful and fun video clip which he alone knows the secret. We find, of course, his famous dance step, the “zanku”, scattered all along the video, which gives a lot of space to dancing.

Zlatan - Quinox clip

Zlatan - Quinox clip 2