Hakuna Kulala releases collaborative album Villaelvin

Elvin Brandhi

Behind the name Villaelvin hides a large number of artists belonging to the famous Ugandan collective and festival Nyege Nyege.

In April 2019 improvising lyricist, producer and sound artist Elvin Brandhi moved into the ‘Villa’ in Kampala, Uganda, working on a collaborative album with several artists from the Nyege Nyege collective. This new project called Villaelvin is the first full LP to be released on Hakuna Kulala and abrasive track “Ghot Zilla” is a first glance of Head Roof.

Auto-tune blast beats from field recordings of Evangelist churches, the swamps surrounding the studios, with warped drums by Kampala based percussionist Omutaba, improvised stream of consciousness lyrics from local rappers Hakim and Swordman Kitala, with glitched out bassy productions with Boutiq Studio manager Don Zilla and Congolese producer Oise.

Head Roof is set to be release January 30th via Hakuna Kulala. Discover the album artwork below and pre-order it now here.

Head Roof - Villaelvin