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Sibusile Xaba shatters the confines of maskandi genre on 'Uyahlupha'

Sibusile Xaba

Charismatic guitar savant Sibusile Xaba reframes maskandi and the avant-garde into his own humanist manifesto on his sophomore album Ngiwu Shwabada.

After the acclaimed release of Opened Letter to Adoniah in 2017, Sibusile’s second album Ngiwu Shwabada was recorded in one continuous take at Studio Pigalle in Paris, in May 2019. It features his long-time musical companion Naftali on additional vocals.

Sibusile explains the philosophy behind this second album titled “Ngiwu Shwabada” (I am of Shwabada — a spiritual lineage): “The record is a dedication to my ancestors for all the love, blessings and guidance they continue to share. These songs are conversations I have had with them, transmitted into songs to be shared with mankind. The elements of the record are waters & the great feminine spirit.”

Experimental guitar driven maskandi track ‘Uyahlupha’ is the very first single from the upcoming record. To close the album, London saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings joins Sibusile for a purely improvised 18-minute musical trip recorded that same day.

Ngiwu Shwabada, out on February 14th via Komos Jazz. Discover the artwork below and pre-order it now here.

NGIWU SHWABADA - Sibusile Xaba