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Equiknoxx unveils raw but highly stylized 'Eternal Children' short movie

The short film from Equiknoxx’s latest album is a dive into Kingtson’s culture of dancehall soundsytem.

Equiknoxx’s Eternal Children is a visual transcription to Jamaican collective first vocal album for the group, from which the film takes its name. The 8-minute short features several tracks from the record, along with original music and lyrics written specially for the film.

Shot on 16mm film in Equiknoxx’s home base of Kingston, the film is the result of a trip filmmakers Eóin MacManus and Neirin Jones took to visit the band back in June.

Performance and documentary footage collide with surreal ‘Limonious in a rubber hose style’ animations by Venezuelan artist Gustavo Dao, making an hybrid wild film that defies easy categorization — much like Equiknoxx themselves. Vibrant voiceover is provided by dancehall icons Ward 21 and Screechy Dan, while Gavsborg meditates on the album’s meaning and the nature of creativity itself.

Recorded in Kingston, Jamaica for their own Equiknoxx Music label, Eternal Children is the first time all five members have appeared on record together, with all three producers – Gavin “Gavsborg” Blair, Nick “Bobby Blackbird” Deane, and Jordan “Time Cow” Chung – cooking up for their vocalist Shanique Marie, alongside the ruder styles of regular spars, MC’s Kemikal and Alozade.

Equiknoxx - Papa Hawk

Equiknoxx - Eternal Children short film