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Lisbon DJ Doraemon is back with new EP, African Voices

DJ Doreamon

With his forthcoming new EP African Voices, Lisbon promising DJ and producer is reappropriating himself the sound identity of the suburbs. The track ‘Mbaye’ captures this grimy vibe with its tribal energy.

DJ Doraemon is a young Portuguese prodigy of Cape Verdean descent. African Voices presents his usual mixture of rough electronic music and kuduro references resulting in the characteristic ghetto sound enriched by obscure vocal snippets and unusual samples. The bumpy track ‘Mbaye’ captures the evolution of his sound.

DJ Doraemon’s previous release on Basy Tropikalne (The Change, 2017) was a raw and catchy EP that was heard everywhere from NTS (played by Gqom Oh!’s Nan Kole) to Red Bull Music Radio (Chal Ravens) and landed in the sets of respected DJs all around the world. Following this acclaim, the artist himself went on to start playing at the parties of the two most established Lisbon crews, Príncipe and Enchufada

African Voices EP is dropping on the 29th of January via Basy Tropikalne. Preorder it now here and discover the artwork just below.

DJ Doraemon - African Voices EP