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Raashan Ahmad gives way to serenity in the refined music video of 'Sea'

The American rapper and singer teamed up with Franco-Senegalese singer T.I.E. for the contemplative visual of “Sea”.

Raashan Ahmad is a globe-trekking musician who speaks his language through the lens of cultural diversity. Whether speaking on social ills or the need for self-healing his delivery is very much a product of his travels. And his trip brought him today to Senegal for the making of his elegant music video for “Sea”, a gorgeous cut from his last album The Sun, released back in May 2019.

With the sea as an anchor point, the video directed by Jeremix captures with disarming simplicity the state of fullness that reigns in this track sung in Wolof. More of a poet than a rapper here, Raashan Ahmad expresses the beauty of cultural diversity through his tender lens. Definitely a song to hear with your soul.

The Sun disponible yes via B-Sides / L’Autre Distribution.

Raashan Ahmad - Sea feat T.I.E