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Pongo touches the sky in brightful music video 'Canto'

Pongo sings about her unconditional love for music on “Canto”, the first single from her new EP Uwa, out on February 7th.

Lisbon-based, Angola-native singer, Pongo embodies the renewal of kuduro, mixing her African, Langan & Zairian roots with EDM, dancehall and melodic pop. On her brand new track “Canto”, the shortly cropped hair artist explores Latin rhythms and sings in Spanish for the first time. The theme behind “Canto” is about the love and pleasure she has in making music. Pongo explains more about the song: “The pleasure I have in singing, I decided that my expression of this feeling in a trip to the Latin rhythms once again concludes the diversity of cultures in my compositions is one of the freedoms that most enjoy making music.”

“Canto” is a celebration of her turbulent path to a career in music, and she uses wonderfully well her powerful but equally delicate voice to draws us into her world. It’s accompanied by a sober but nonetheless beautiful music video, which highlights the outskirts districts of Lisbon with gorgeous shots.

Pongo - Canto - clip

Pongo - Canto - clip 2