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Taraab new star Siti Muharam unveils new song 'Alaminadura'

Produced by Sam Jones, the first preview of Muharam’s upcoming album, titled Siti’s of Unguja (Romance Revolution On Zanzibar) has arrived.

Muharam’s golden timbre has been allowed to soar for the world to hear. On her song “Alaminadura” is carried the legacy, lyricism and odyssey of the ‘Mother of Taarab’, her Great Grandmother, Siti Binti Saad. Sam Jones’ production and studio overdubs have let Siti Muharam’s bright voice ensure the legacy of Swahili romance and music of her Great Grandmother live on. 

Siti Binti Saad is like a holy text for Zanzibari Taarab. Over the last fifty years, the music shifted back to more formal times. More recently, Bi Kidude worked to keep Siti Binti Saad’s legacy alive and, although musically different, she used some of her distinct scales. Bi Kidude connected with me because of the shared love for these scales.” says Sam Jones.

The project came about with the assistance of Fumba Town Development, a groundbreaking project that is providing sustainable homes to a new generation on Zanzibar built in line with the principles of permaculture.

Siti’s of Unguja (Romance Revolution On Zanzibar), out on February 28th via On The CornerDiscover the artwork below.

Siti Muharam