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Leonardo Marques presents a compilation from Belo Horizonte

The Brazilian composer has selected ten tracks, all recorded in his studio, for the 180g label.

Leonardo Marques is a multi-instrumentalist, singer songwriter, music producer and sound engineer from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. As the owner of a studio named Ilha Do Corvo in his hometown, he has recorded many of the top artists from the Belo Horizonte and Minas Gerais region in his headquarters, equipped with vintage instruments and carefully-sourced gear from various decades. The studio provides a unique sonic landscape and sound signature to each record it produces, and alongside the 180g label, Marques has decided to curate a compilation of sounds born in this creative hub. 

The compilation, entitled Ilha Do Corvo Sounds Volume I, highlights some of the best works recorded at Ilha Do Corvo over the past few years and features some of the brightest local talents. Ten gems from the Minas Gerais alternative scene feature on the project, with music by Bernardo Bauer, Moons, Giovanni Leão, Douglas Scalioni Domingues, Gui Hargreaves, Arthur Melo, Rodrigo Damati, Invisível and Leonardo Marques himself. The project follows 180g’s Bruna Mendez reissue. 

Ilha Do Corvo Sounds Volume I by Leonardo Marques, out on November 12 via 180g.