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A day with Ariel Sheney

PAM met the coupé-décalé star in Abidjan, a city to which he holds the keys. Follow a day in his life through exclusive images shot in the studio and at an explosive concert. A report filmed and directed by Narjes Bahhar.

Ariel Sheney is one of the most prominent artists in the current Ivorian music scene. A versatile and renowned pianist and drummer, sound engineer and former protégé of the legendary DJ Arafat, the singer began his career in around 2015 and has since been on a success run. “Ghetto” established his reputation throughout the sub-region and “Amina” got so many views on Youtube that it raised many eyebrows. A multi-award-winning musician in the world of coupé-décalé, the man is a frontrunner of a genre that resonates all over, from Abidjan to Paris. 

PAM met the artist when he performed at the Femua Festival last September. The singer put on an extravagant show, combining an orchestra with six acrobatic dancers and performing new spins on tracks so that they could flourish on stage. We also attended rehearsals, visited Sheney at his label office and interviewed him and his team members about his career, the current scene and his relationship with his audience. See our exclusive report.

A video filmed, directed and edited by Narjes Bahhar.