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Fiyahdred blends funky house and amapiano on Anyway EP

The UK-based artist joins Hyperdub for a jumpy project, of which the title-track is already available. 

Funky house fanatic Fiyahdred are a South-London producer, artist, DJ and part of a new generation pushing the envelope of a funky influenced sound. Under their previous moniker Bamz, they’ve self released and had EPs with Jamz Supernova‘s label Future Bounce and Club Djembe, and reworked some UK Funky classics with Scratcha DVA on the The Classix EP. They have now signed with London-based label Hyperdub, for a new exciting release. 

Recorded under the name Fiyahdred, Anyway EP is confident, smokey and bouncy. The producer effortlessly fuses different genres and stretches funky’s grid. “Da mellowdee” combines a rhodes lead with spooky gqom style drum fills and kettle drums. “Flutey Loop” pulls you into a meditation with a bleepy flute melody over a reggae keyboard, and “Tumpin” takes a cuban style tango piano lead with Fiyahdred’s joyous vocals celebrating the buzz of the dancefloor. “Anyway”, the already available title track, is dubbed out with Fiyahdred rapping about getting high and doing your own thing, laced with gentle amapiano-infused organ stabs and floaty chords over a flabby bassline.

Listen to “Anyway” in our afro + club playlist on Spotify and Deezer.

Anyway EP by Fiyahdred, out on November 5 via Hyperdub.