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Nazar, postwar kuduro
Nazar, postwar kuduro

The idea for Nazar’s first album Guerrilla came during his time in war-torn Angola. PAM reads between the lines of this work of experimental kuduro music, with its creator’s assistance.   ‘Rough Kuduro’. This is Nazar’s […]

Rough kuduro producer Nazar announces debut album on Hyperdub
Rough kuduro producer Nazar announces debut album on Hyperdub

The 26-year-old Angolan producer who grew up in Belgium will be back next year with his debut album, Guerrilla. Nazar calls his tough and angry sound “rough kuduro” — his unique take on Angola’s kuduro music. The producer […]

DJ Haram, between angels and jinn
DJ Haram, between angels and jinn

Demons and jinn, the Discwoman collective, Noise productions and a fiery debut EP, signed by Hyperdub… We met DJ Haram, the woman who’s building bridges between the Philly scene and the Middle East of her […]

5 albums you need to hear this week
5 albums you need to hear this week

In this week’s selection : an eclectic album recorded in one week by Damon Albarn and his troup, afro-infused lo-fi sounds by Gafacci, a lost album finally published by Habibi Funk… Africa Express Egoli Created in 2006, […]

DJ Lag and Okzharp to release collaborative EP on Hyperdub
DJ Lag and Okzharp to release collaborative EP on Hyperdub

Four tracks made for the dancefloor by the gqom pionneer. Having initially linked up online back in 2012, Durban gqom originator DJ Lag and London based Hyperdub mainstay Okzharp, of Okzharp and Manthe Ribane, announce the Steam […]

Hyperdub is back with DJ Haram’s ‘Grace’ EP
Hyperdub is back with DJ Haram's 'Grace' EP

Inspired by Philadelphia’s noise scene as well as from her Middle-Eastern origins, each song of the EP represents a jinn, a supernatural figure of Arabic mythology. London-based Hyperdub Record prooves once again that they have the nose […]

Angel-Ho: Sex, pop and fairy tales
Angel‑Ho: Sex, pop and fairy tales

South African Angel-Ho joins the UK’s Hyperdub label for her debut album of post-modern aphrodisiac pop music. Cover © Jody Brand As an already established DJ and producer, Angel-Ho began to tease the internet towards the […]

Angel-Ho’s otherworldly ‘Pose’ music video is a glimpse into her upcoming album
Angel‑Ho's otherworldly 'Pose' music video is a glimpse into her upcoming album

Date: January 30th 2019 Direction : Chris Kets Album: Death Becomes Her Ahead of debut album Death Becomes Her, to be released on Hyperdub in March, Angel-Ho unveils the video clip for her track “Pose”. The South-African artist dives into a futuristic and minimalistic […]