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Lady Lykez teases new project with hilarious “KillaBee” video

Lady Lykez is a queen bee in the video for her buzzing new track “Killa Bee”, the first single from her upcoming EP Woza.

Three years after the Muhammad Ali EP, North London rapper Lady Lykez is back with fresh music. Her new single “Killa Bee” is a catchy, electric dancehall anthem. Right from the start and down to the last second, Lady Lykez is giving witty, conceited lyrics and summoning the audience to move to the almost menacing beat, an unnerving bee-like sound rushing in the listeners ears. The chorus is punctuated with signature dancehall energizing vocals, while her voice sounds more high-pitched, almost computer-generated on the verses. 

The accompanying video, directed by Dego Visionz, is so ludicrous it works. After a rather serious introduction to the dangerous Africanized killer bees, Lykez appears in the hilarious shape of the insect. Her comically larger face is attached to a bee’s body, as she’s terrorizing the inhabitants of North London with her stinging sound. Back in her hive, she sports bug-eyes-like shades and a black-and-yellow look, spitting her lines at the camera in a Missy Elliott fashion. Lady Lykez has often mentioned the American legendary act as an inspiration. 

“Killa Bee” announces Lady Lykez’ upcoming project Woza releasing October 28th. The five-track EP features Durban Afrorave DJ MC Toya Delazi and Grime voice Trim. Lady Lykez also enlisted the help of funky, genre-bending DJ and producer Scratchclart, who produced her last EP. Woza is dancehall based, but therefore tinted with Gqom and even Amapiano influences. Even the title Woza, understand “come on” in zulu, is South African inspired.

Listen to “Killa Bee” in our Afro + club playlist.