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PAM Club : Raves, Feelings and Spirits from 1000HZ Republic by Piotr Dang
Martin Kaphukusi (left) and Piotr Dang (2nd from right) at the1000HZ Republic foundation ceremony.

PAM Club : Raves, Feelings and Spirits from 1000HZ Republic par Piotr Dang

Since 2016, Polish label 1000HZ has been bringing us experimental sounds from Malawi and Tanzania. Its co-founder Piotr Dang encapsulates its essence in a futuristic three-act PAM Club.

Miles away from the stereotypical definition of “world music”, the music unearthed by the 1000HZ collective always pops up where least expected. Somewhere between electronic, acoustic or avant-garde music that is absolutely impossible to categorize, the label’s sound is difficult to grasp at first, but proves to be utterly rich as soon as you get the hang of it. Founded in 2016 by Piotr and Thuy Dong, Republic 1000HZ is a fictional democracy without police and where music has replaced bureaucracy, anarchy being inherently present. Indeed for Piotr, traditional music is intrinsically experimental and therefore anything is possible: a Tonga Boys concert recorded in Dr. Kanuska’s temple, postmodern dancehall improvisations by Blackface Family, or producers using rudimentary electronic means to revisit traditions through the Digital Indigenous series. As Piotr Dang takes us on this PAM Club tour, 1000HZ already has 18 releases and intends to continue challenging cultural and political boundaries with ever more creative musicians.

“The set was supposed to be a simple presentation of the 1000HZ catalog, but in the end it’s not. It’s a narrative that moves through abstract Afro-electro-vimbuza-punk rhythms in the first half, then post-afro-pop in the second half to finally merge into sacred music recorded in the temples of the possession cults of northern Malawi.”

Pan African Music · PAM Club – Piotr Dang from the 1000Hz Republic


PART 1. Raves
01. Tonga Boys – Maji Ndimoyo (Water is Life) from Umoyo Wa Muthempire
02. WILD/LIFE – Smoke and Burn from Maloto/Dreams
03. Owls Are Not ft. Masaya Hijikata – Radio Tree from Radio Tree
04. DJ Kainga – KaingaXX MP3 from Digital Indigenous 02: OO MP3
05. Tonga Boys – Kaluluwina from Tiri Bwino
06. Owls Are Not – Kepler 452b from isnot
07. BlackFace Family – Fxxk It from Nthena

PART 2. Feelings
08. Martin Kaphukusi, Piotr Dang – Gate Man (fragment) from Other Voices, Other Votes
09. Katawa Singers – Tikauwone from Ufulu 1991-1997
10. Andy One – Ana Obwerawa from Digital Indigenous 01: Imba Africa
11. BlackFace Family – African Drums from African Drums / N’goma za Chifirika
12. Wave Diamond Heritage ft. Nel C and Don Salongzy – Nightmares from Digital Indigenous 05 (forthcoming)
13. WILD/LIFE – Ringer from Maloto/Dreams

PART 3. Spirits
14. Tonga Boys – Ndijulereni Nthowa Mama (Mother, Show Me the Way) from Umoyo Wa Muthempire
15. Doctor Kanuska Group – Noah Julako Kumunyango Tingire (Noah, Open the Door) from Mutende Mzimu. Vimbuza from Mzimba North
16. Kukaya – Nkhalowanga Ine Mchalo (You Used to Bewitch People in Our Country) from Kukaya Bili
17. Amaliya Group – ABotha (Mr Botha) from Viyezgo. Vimbuza from Mzimba South
18. Piotr Dang – Radio Cicada (fragment) from Other Voices, Other Votes

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