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Albi X returns with the video for “LÉLÉ”

The German artist of Congolese origin delivers energetic visuals full of rap and dance to follow his first single “Bibamba”. 

Once again, Albi X crosses his different cultures to offer us an electric rap track. A fusion of Lingala, French and English, “LÉLÉ” is a song with a strong message of revenge, about life, and the people who didn’t believe in him. “They left me for dead, I rose again“, the rapper sings, encouraging his listeners to always trust themselves. 

The idea behind the song is a kind of ‘comeback’,” he explains. “A revenge on life and the people who left me for dead, the people who didn’t believe I could get to this point or this level. I’ve always believed in myself more than anything, I’ve always felt that I was special, when no one else saw me that way. So the message is an inspiration for young people, to believe in themselves, to follow their own path, to write their own story and not to let others impose their fears on them as they tried to do with me.

Listen to “LÉLÉ” in our Pan African Rap playlist on Spotify and Deezer.