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Daedelus and Joshua Idehen combine beat making and poetry on Holy Water Over Sons

Collaborating remotely between Boston and Stockholm, the pair have announced a new album that speaks directly to the times.

Having collaborated with Madlib and sampled by Drake, Alfred Darlington AKA Daedelus is a pre-eminent and influential beat creator. On this new project, they are joined by Joshua Idehen, a rising poet who has appeared on albums by Sons Of Kemet and The Comet Is Coming. 

On Holy Water Over Sons powerful yet vulnerable poems contemplating life as a black man are accompanied by otherworldly, future electronics. The record weaves through a world at extremes, bringing back to light the racial injustices which ignited the Black Lives Matter movement. Its eight tracks of minimal mechanoid lamentation and ethereal electro-blues pulsate under meditations of race, depression, identity and grief. “We are living in a dark timeline”, Joshua says. “It felt dishonest not to speak on what I was feeling, watching everything unfold in the UK and US at the time.”

Two tracks are already available : “Haunted”, which brings a chopped and screwed flavour, and “Standing In My Own Way” Part I, a meditation on lost friendship, accompanied by soft, melodic Rhodes.

Holy Water Over Sons, out on November 26.