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Jana Rush unveils “Lonely” shot in Chicago by night

The American artist returns with an electronic distorted jazz track, announcing her new mini-album Dark Humor via Planet Mu.

“Lonely”, made with footwork producer DJ Paypal, sees Jana Rush let loose on a horn sample for six minutes of disfigured samples, quivering electronics and vagrant percussion. This is what director Wills Glasspiegel has to say about the track’s video: “‘Lonely’ was shot largely on Lower Wacker Drive in downtown Chicago. LWD is the main artery for the vast space that is underneath downtown Chicago. It’s a city below the city. Cell service often doesn’t reach there well. Drivers constantly end up lost down and turned around. I was thinking of the underground space as the deep subconsciousness of Chicago. Nowadays there are illegal drag races that happen semi-regularly, in the same space where we filmed with the dancers by the Chicago river.”

This new track is the first single from Jana Rush’s upcoming mini-album Dark Humor, which will be a follow up to last year’s critically acclaimed Painful Enlightenment. This seven-track release will see her continue where she left off, dabbling in footwork and fractured beats but also exploring new compositions, “concentrating on a more manic, dancefloor-focused style with punchy, panicked vocals, hip-hop beats and humorous, self-effacing samples”. The project, like the precedent, will be released via British record label Planet Mu, known for dropping innovative and exciting electronic music. 

Jana Rush, also composing under the name JA Ru, was born and raised in Chicago. Having started DJing at the age of ten, her music is influenced by the likes of Robert Armani, Lester Fitzpatrick, Cajmere, DJ Milton, DJ Deeon and more. Painful Enlightenment was her debut with Planet Mu, after releasing MPC 7635 and Pariah

Dark Humor by Jana Rush, out on March 25 via Planet Mu. 

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