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“Something's Going On” for KOKOROKO

The London-based jazz collective announces a tour with this new track exploring health crisis immobility. 

Inspired by “the forced immobility and existential crises that the global pandemic has collectively put us through“, “Something’s Going On” was written and recorded during collective studio sessions in which each member of the band brought their own personal experience of lockdown to the music. The track, which follows on from the excellent “Baba Ayoola”, aims at giving us hope and inspiring solidarity and empathy, as the London collective is getting ready for a tour. 

The lyrics of the chorus, “Something’s goin’ on, something’s happening now”, resonate deeply with the band’s bassist, Duane Atherley, as he comments: “Something was going on, and still is, at different levels of life – society, family, close friends and personally.”

This new track, with its brass section, West African-inspired rhythms and funk inspiration (a reference to Duane Atherley’s immersion in the 70s psychedelia of Parliament and Funkadelic), is a perfect example of KOKOROKO‘s melting pot music. With their eponymous EP, unveiled in 2019, and their few singles available on streaming platforms, the young collective is already very well identified on the exciting London jazz scene. 

Listen to “Something’s Going On” in our Songs of the Week playlist on Spotify and Deezer.