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Mwanjé introduces herself with “Wildones”

“Rolling with” her sister Sampa The Great, the Zambian-born artist drops a new Afrofuturist inspired video. 

Following “The Divine” released in 2019, Mwanjé’s “Wildones” is only her second single and video. Joined by the notorious Sampa The Great on this dreamy soul-fused track, the artist sings about “freedom, innocence and the recklessness of blind youth”, as she proclaims to be only rolling with the “wild ones”. With roots in Botswana, Australia and Zambia, the 23-year old singer-songwriter has also tried to showcase an Afrofuturist imagery infused in traditions via the hypnotic visuals that she directed, representing the “duality of youth and wisdom”.

‘Wildones’ expresses the notion of seeking personal freedom”, she says. “In a more abstract light, it expresses the fact that we are all branches of the same tree. The visuals were inspired by the duality of youth in action guided by a deep sense of wisdom and knowledge that’s almost otherworldly. I vividly remember the first meeting between Micheal (co-director), Calvin (producer) and I, in which one of my main requests was that they found a way to make me levitate, and that’s exactly what they did.”

The single serves as a prelude to Mwanjé’s forthcoming debut EP, which will express musically her “journey of self-love, self-discovery and the transition into adulthood” all through alternative R&B, neo-soul, jazz and spoken word poetry. 

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