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5 albums to discover this week

This week, The Ano Nobo Quartet pays tribute to the great poet, K.O.G engages the Black Atlantic, Carl Gari & Abdullah Miniawy team up, Ozadya takes us back to the club and Zoocci Coke Dope shares his anxiogenic rap.

The Strings of São Domingos

The Ano Nobo Quartet

On The Strings of São Domingos, The Ano Nobo Quartet delivers a fresh take on Koladera, a guitar-driven, subtly rhythmic sound of a lighter spirit. This album was recorded in early 2021 in three locations on Santiago Island: at homes, by the ocean, and on the volcanic hills of Cape Verde. This album is also a tribute to the great poetic and revolutionary figures of the 1970s common to this part of Africa, José Carlos Schwarz and João Bernardo Vieira.

Listen here.

Between The Bullet And The Front Sight, Casting Lots

Carl Gari & Abdullah Miniawy

The Carl Gari & Abdullah Miniawy project – an unlikely alliance between a German electro trio and a fiery Egyptian rapper and poet – have crossed swords once more. After the acclaimed EPs Darraje and The Act of Falling from the 8th Floor, the quartet has just released another commun project. It’s eight tracks of pulsating spoken word supported by thick layers of digital sound, at times anxiety-inducing, always powerful.

Listen here.

Zone 6, Agege

K.O.G (Kweku of Ghana)

Zone 6 Agege – the album title, K.O.G. shares, refers to a little coastal suburb in Accra the capital of Ghana, where he “grew up and the vibe, culture and social structures enhanced and developed my creativity and love for art,” adding that the album is his “ode or a tribute to my nature, nurture and future” – is his first solo release for Heavenly Sweetness. Zone 6 Agege is a dramatic development: as much homage to the Accra-born artist’s musical roots, as an expansive engagement with music of the Black Atlantic, most notably hip-hop and dub/reggae.

Listen here.

Sold out


A few months after the release of their last EP Last Gate, the Geneva based simmering collective is back with a 7 new tracks EP immersing the listener in the euphoria of a club crowd. Sold Out is about love and drunkenness on a background of house beats, hip hop and afro percussions. Co-produced by Pekodjinn, Neya, Zalvf, Lazzylife, Nnnurah, and YT Prod, the percussive and hybrid beats fit perfectly with the incisive flows of MCs Voodoo and Woody for this sold-out party.

Listen here.

Anxiety +

Zoocci Dope Coke

Zoocci Coke Dope’s new album is set in anger and resentment. “At first I didn’t know what it was, but I’ve come to understand what I am fully: anxious”. These are the first words that Zoocci Coke Dope told us in an upcoming interview on PAM. Direct sequel to Anxiety first released in 2019, Zoocci continues his exploration of this feeling, but it’s more pointed towards a sinister and toxic direction. On the collaboration side, Blxckie, Nasty C, and Stogie T are among those featured on the thirteen tracks.

Listen here.

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