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PAM Club : Xico’s rhythmic exploration

After co-founders Noia and Torres, it’s Xico’s turn, another member of the XXIII family, to showcase his borderless and filterless vision of club music. This major actor of Porto global beats scene delivers a riveting PAM Club guided by his unfailing eclecticism. 

Since his official debut in 2020 with the excellent label and collective XXIII, Francisco Valente aka Xico never stopped in his effort to rise to the top. Whether it be at the helm of his consistently flawless show Global Shares on Source Radio or during his acclaimed sets on the most impressive Portuguese line ups, the die-hard digger from Porto showcases the best of the global club scene and more. His sunny progressive sets range from the tropical downtempo rhythms to the latest underground bangers of global club music, effectively spanning over a vast area of the world. In the thick of all this rhythmic diversity, he manages to bring a certain depth and a melodic flair which have become his trademark. This is what was shown when he took the helm of PAM Club. In the course of an hour, he manages to send us from one side of the world to the other, switching between batida, UK garage, afrobeats or even some heated dembow.


  2. Cirofox – Buurt Dans
  3. Bigben – Rain
  4. Dotorado Pro – MMS
  5. Fiyadred – Da Mellowdee
  6. Rexxie – Ego
  7. El Train – SNM
  8. Laa Lee – Bong Bing
  9. Ben Hauke – Drum Tool
  10. Razzler Man – I Need You
  11. Karen Nyame KG – Afrique
  12. Nigga Fox – Gás Natural
  13. Skiifall – Bentayga Dust
  14. Cirofox – Maquete
  15. Danifox – UT Squad
  16. Lokowat – AQUI NO SUL
  17. DJ Marino – Kyoto
  18. Lorkestra – Unreleased
  19. Murder He Wrote – Packs & Potions (Hazey Bootleg)
  20. Roska – Wave It
  21. Katinga Mc – Alegria Remix
  22. Amor Satyr – Coming Up Yuliya
  23. Nia Archives – Luv Like
  24. JD Reid – WUS YA NAME DUB
  25. Ben Hauke – Everywhere I Go
  26. Bella Boo – In Love
  27. Unreleased
  28. Yohenkwart – Wicked in the Bed
  29. DJ Mojo – Sad Girlz Luv Money (Urban Kiz Remix – 2022)
  30. Unreleased
  31. Pura Pura – Show me tears just for me
  32. Benji Flow – Ready
  33. Prettyboy D-O – Rodman Style
  34. AV – Confession
  35. Natoxie – ???
  36. Freezy – Good Wuk
  37. Mina – Amatrance

Follow Xico on Instagram and Soundcloud. Listen to his Global Shares show on Source Radio.