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PAM Club: heatwave warning by Zouz Machine

At the control of the PAM Club this week, Parisian duo Zouz Machine has no intention to make the mercury go down, quite the contrary. They bring to us a heat wave, where French-speaking African rap has a special highlight.

If Zouz Machine’s alchemy works so well, it’s because the connection between its members, Anaïs and Sophie, is genuine. These two childhood friends from Caen, now based in Paris, share behind the decks their love for French rap and other sounds without borders. For more than four years now, their incandescent melting pot have infused the Parisian nights, where grime, dancehall, shatta, afrobeats come to the mix and clash with pure hip-hop bangers. This science of the most ardent rhythms allowed them to become resident on the London radio Dropslive FM with their show rightly entitled “Temperature”. They reserved us a set in this same line, the heatwave alert is declared!

Pan African Music · PAM Club : Zouz Machine

“For the PAM Club we wanted to make a mix that looks just like us: summery, festive and generous. We bridge the gap between afrobeats, shatta, English, French, Ivorian and Senegalese rap. As we go along, we progress towards more energetic sounds with our bouyon and jersey drill nuggets. *(Spoil: you’ll need a blower).”

1. Yes we deh – Krissy & Shannon
2. Bad B Bop – Mentalcut rmx
3. Dem Nuh Bad – Tommy Lee Sparta
4. Block Boy – Pa Salieu
5. Peru – FS Green & Dave Nunes Rmx
6. Serwaa – Wes7ar22
7. Fan ou Amoureux – Suspect 95 ft. Josey
8. Sungba rmx – Asake ft. Burna Boy9.
9. Reckless riddim – FS Green
10. Style & Fashion – Pa Salieu ft. Obongjayar
11. Ona – Toofan
12. Dosez – Revolution ft. Below’n & Didi B
13. My Family – Lua Preta rmx
14. So Sentadao – Mc Maromba, Ckrono, KD Soundsystem
15. Hydration – Ahadadream
16. Fananal Fofou – BM Jaay 
17. D.A – Shay
18. Down and out – Kha Splizz
19. Back Shot – Jahyanai 
20. Bomba – Maureen
21. Commando – Marzi ft Efosa, Gianni & Gino J
22. PDF – Beam
23. Laptop – Kalash & Maureen
24. Chien – 70 SHIINE & DJ Digital
25. Material Girl – Saucy Santana 
26. Tombolo – Kalash
27. Omo Ope – Asake ft Olamide
28. La Base – Maureen
29. Floko – DAVINHOR ft Le Juiice
30. Shake Pt 2 – IShowSpeed
31. Just Like Dattt – Dj Crazy fet D4M $loan 
32. Santorini – Dyaspora ft Gamma 
33. Sabor – Kerchak 
34. Maker – Implaccable 
35. Shake Chat – DJ Crazy ft Philly Goat Dice & Zah Sosaa 
36. Oochie Coochie – 2rare 

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