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PAM Club : Gálio DJ presents Quibuala

Freshest recruit from Seres Produções, Angolese talent Gálio DJ gives us a colourful and bouncy sneak peak of his new album, in between afro-house bangers !

“Quibuala” finds its root in the word “Buala” : “village”, from the bush or from the inside in Quicongo language. “Because I have a strong connection with the cultures of my land, habits and customs, I was nicknamed Quibuala by my friends”, Gálio says. When he left his hometown of Cabinda to reach the country’s capital Luanda, Gálio felt excluded at first, mocked by the others. Because he was coming from the “buala”, the boy from the countryside had to own his identity first, then find a niche for himself to make it as an artist, in order to reveal his talents as a music producer.

Lisbon, the angolan DJ and producer decided to tell his personal story through music in Quibuala : “It’s my first album, so I thought I’ll shed light on my angolan/african origins because it’s my crib. It’s where I was born and where I grew up.” Gálio also admits that he put a lot of himself into this work, “from sadness to joy, through losses and achievements”. From 2002, when he started producing rap music, Gálio has found his way in the afro-house scene, releasing a remarkable first track in 2019 called “Killer”. Since then, the producer became a leading figure of the genre, bringing forward his energetic, percussive and African-rooted style to the afro-house and afro-tech community with essential tracks such as “Molta”, “Pataquero”, “Folkloric” or more recently, the banger “Mbenda” in collaboration with the godfather DJ Satelite.

It seems like 2022 is the year of Gálio, who put together a debut album full of “art, rhythm, poetry and ancestry”, a collection of songs in several african languages such as Ibinda, Honbumdo, Quikongo, Kinbumdo, Suali or Criolo, spoken in Cape Verde and Guinea Bissau. Combined with the sounds of instruments like congas, maracas, djembes or acoustic guitar, Gálio made this album not only a dancefloor-killer but also a splendid electro-organic piece of work. Enjoy Pam Club !

Pan African Music · PAM Club : Gálio DJ

Tracklist :

1. DJ Gálio Feat. Leriggo – Cretcheu (Original Mix)
2. Dj Gálio Feat. Miro Kawisso – Buala (Original Mix)
3. DJ Gálio – Tula Unka (Original Mix)
4. DJ Gálio – African Spirituality (Original Mix)
5. Dj Gálio – Phambili
6. Dj Gálio feat. Dj Satelite – Mbenda
7. Sara Tavares – Fitxado (Dj Satelite remix)
8. DJ Gálio – Folkloric
9. Owen & Caiiro – Your Voice (Adam Port remix)
10. Antonio Lyons – My Africa (Nitefreak afro buzz remix)

Quibuala is still available here.