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PAM Club : Hamza, Cairo's messenger

DJ and producer Hamza takes us to Cairo, his native city, and initiates PAM Club to Egyptian Mahraganat. A mutating genre, in between mainstream rise and underground fame.

We met with Hamza at the turntables of the Parisian Edition of the Nyege Nyege Festival, organized by PAM. DJ and sensation Shobra El General’s hype man , Hamza Kenawy is a Cairo native. Now based in Strasbourg, France, he’s become an active member of the local scene, through residencies and event organizing. Though attracted to techno and rap, Hamza never forgot his roots, finding inspiration in this movement named Mahraganat, a concentrate of Egyptian’s streets and culture. This new scene, scorned upon by conservatives is nonetheless becoming Egypt’s musical soul, taking inspirations from shaabi music played at weddings. And now that the genre has transformed to incorporate hip-hop, reggaeton and dance music influences from abroad, Hamza hopes to export Mahraganat in Europe and all over the world.

“I’m thankful for the invite and I’m happy to present you with this set, showcasing my vision of Egypt’ streets music. It’s also the perfection occasion to pay some well-deserved homage. I’m dedicating this mix to two important people specifically. First, Molotof. He’s the one of this genre’s biggest hitmaker, he works with tons of artists and always delivers quality music. Let’s celebrate this guy, shout out Molotof ! Secondly, Shobra El General, founder of the genre, a pioneer of Mahraganat since 2004. I was honored to tour with him recently and I can’t wait for the next concerts and collaborations to come”.

Pan African Music · PAM Club : Hamza


1. Dina El Wedidi – Ya Badr (Prod. by DJ Totti)
2. MOUSV – El Qowa (Prod. by Gelba)
3. Riff – Rob3
4. MOUSV – Es7ali ya Prince (Prod. by Mohaimen)
5. Islam Chipsy – El Moftah
6. Islam Chipsy – Mouled El Kahraman
7. Molotof – 2028
8. Moscow – Marka Dawli (Prod. by El Waili)
9. Riff – 3akra4a
10. Shobra El General – Fawda (Prod. by Molotof)
11. 3enaba – Sayad (Prod. by Molotof)
12. Wezza Montaser & Afroto – Mesh Haolhalak
13. Marwan Moussa – 7adota Almany (Omar Qany Remix)
14. 3enaba – Hona Al Qahira
15. 3enaba – Dawla (Prod. by Coolpix Boy)
16. Homa El Tikha – Masgoun Hasin (Prod. by Amgad El Joker)
17. Wegz – Dorak Gai (Prod. by Molotof)
18. Islam Chipsy – Mouled El Gomhoreya
19. Karim Cristiano – Sahby Top (Prod. by Youssef Ousha)
20. Islam Chipsy – Mouled El Gomgoma
21. Molotof – El Markeb
22. Shobra El General – 2 3 (Prod. by Amr 7a7a)
23. Fifty El Ostora – Bal3ab Asasy (Prod. by Molotof)
24. Shobra El General – El Araf (Prod. by Sulisizer)
25. Shobra El General – El Khetta (Feat. El Lemby) (Prod. by Molotof)
26. Shobra El General – El Baba Wel 3esaba (Prod. by Molotof)
27. 3enaba & Double Zuksh – Madinet El Mostakbal (Prod. by Molotof)
28. Marwan Pablo – El Gemeza (Prod. by Molotof)
29. Wezza Montaser & Afroto – Day5a
30. Molotof – Modmen El Wasakha
31. Oka & Ortega – El3ab Yalla
32. Shobra El General – El Balmolar (Prod. by Amr 7a7a)
33. El Waili – Haram

Follow Hamza on Soundcloud and Instagram.