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PAM Club DJ mixes now available on Apple Music

Pan African Music's weekly DJ mix series now has a limited selection available for stream on Apple Music via our new DJ portal.

PAM is proud to announce that a selection of the PAM Club DJ Mixes is now available on Apple Music! After 2 years of weekly mixes incited by the early days of the pandemic, we have been able to put together over 200 hours of mixes with artists from all over the world. From the contagious afro-house of Zakente, the experimental club music of Nyege Nyege’s Turkana or the rhythmic beats of Tunisia’s Nuri, we have explored many forms of African music that move and excite us. Now, as Apple Music opens up to the world of DJ Mixes, we’re happy to deliver a tight selection of some of the most popular mixes for our Apple Music listeners. Using Shazam technology, these mixes are a way for us to access streaming revenues for the DJs and the artists whose tracks are included in each mix. As this system has some requirements in terms of tracks available on Apple Music we are not able to provide all of our mixes, notably ones including unreleased, undelivered and undiscovered music. However we’ll continue to work with Apple Music to keep expanding our selection of mixes and diversity of artists included.

For now, please enjoy a fine selection of hot mixes that represent what we hear at PAM stand for; diversity, timelessness and quality sounds. Head on over to our curator page now and listen up!

Click here to visit our Apple Music curator page for more!