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PAM CLUB: in the record collection of Armand de Préseau

Passionate about African music of all kinds, the founder of Nubiphone and Nanga Boko Records takes us on a one-hour journey through his vinyl collection.

For Armand de Préseau, this passion began with house and techno music from Detroit and Chicago. Eager to go back in time to understand the origins of these “new” Afro-American music, Armand logically discovered the soul, disco and funk classics of the 70s and 80s. He continues to pull on the string and lands in the Bahamas in search of hybrid reggae/disco records, he then takes the opportunity to make a detour to the West Indies to finally venture into Africa, an infinite land of musical treasures. The man who spent 12 years of his childhood between Cameroon and Madagascar returns to travel across the continent, the West Indies and the Middle East, in search of record collections that are about to be destroyed.

To share the fruit of his explorations, he created in 2011 the website African Grooves, which he pairs with the Youtube channel of the same name, today known as an important digital archive outlet. He shares rare gems on a bi-weekly basis, resurfacing forgotten or unknown artists. The digger also reissues a handful of Cameroonian records on his label Nanga Boko Records and on Nubiphone, which he created with his friend Guizo Zykey. A true autonomous actor in the preservation of African music, Armand de Préseau takes us through his collection of more than 12,000 records for a PAM Club that promises to be precious, just like his Diggers of the Lost Ark residency on Rinse France!

Pan African Music · PAM CLUB : Armand De Préseau

Tracklist :

Nkotti François and The Black Styls 77 – Loko La Mboa (Cameroun)
Ometh & Louisiana – Njitna (Benin)
Charles Songo – Gkinumanze (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Ousmane Kouyate et Les Ambassadeurs Internationaux – Kefimba (Mali)
Saka dit The King – Ody Ody (Madagascar)
Hamid El Shaeri – Ayonha (Libya)
Eko Roosevelt – Tondoho Mba (Cameroun)
Belles Combo – Misik A Nou (Dominica)
Jalil Bennis – Mirza (Morocco)
The Identicals – Akwa Kayi Ji bia Nuwa (Nigeria)
The Cranes – Joy (Uganda)
Ti L’Afrique – Pop Soul Sega (Mauritius)
Liza Ngwa – N’kirre (Cameroun)

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