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PAM Club: the Gang Waa mixtape by Crazymind

After Leo PaLayeng, it’s his Ugandan compatriot Crazymind’s turn to deliver a PAM Club dedicated to a genre as rare as it is enjoyable: acholitronix!

Located in northern Uganda, the city of Gulu is the cradle of acholitronix, an electronic mutation of the music of the Acholi people, played at weddings, baptisms and graduations. Made joyful by its intense and sometimes uptempo feel, this music has notably evolved in the hands of Leo PaLayeng, producer of Otim Alpha‘s Gulu City Anthems, revealed to the world in 2017 by Nyege Nyege Tapes. Ocaya Herbert is one of those who travel the planet to introduce this genre that has also found its place in international concert halls and festivals. The man known as Crazymind has been seen at the decks behind Otim Alpha, in major events such as the Nyege Nyege Festival, Le Guess Who? or Primavera Sounds. Influenced by hip-hop trends, traditional music, afrobeat or afro-house in all its forms, Crazymind started as a breakdance DJ in 2016. Today, in addition to this “acholi madness” that drives him, he also volunteers and gets involved in his community through various structures, as a yoga teacher, youth mentor, DJing teacher, dance teacher or music therapist with prisoners.

“Gang Waa means our home. This mixtape is inspired by my background where I come from. I come from a rich tribe with good food, sounds, melodies and good vibe. Enjoy this spicy melody, drums, Adungu, Calabash, bass from Acholi land.”

Pan African Music · PAM Club : Crazymind


Crazymind – intro 
Laxzy feat Eezy – New Kubuz
Ociicii – Abalo Ger                
Bosmic Otim – Peny Otum              
Romeo Odong – Pililili           
Jahria Okwera – Angee Wekoko       
Jahria Okwera – Awinyo bila
Otim Alpha – Woda                       
Unknown – Jo Weng Mamara
OJ Omurugut – Awobe luo               
OJ Omurugut – Oyele Ayela            
OJ Omurugut – Kodi palyeci           
Otim Alpha – Tongwen         

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