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K.O.D lets out his feelings on new album Emotion 2

Five years after the first instalment, Zimbabwean K.O.D offers an intense follow-up to his Emotion debut. Enjoy a first listen to the amapiano hybrid “Taste of Victory” premiering exclusively on PAM.

Born in 1990 in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Simbarashe Kodzei has established himself as an icon for Seres Produções, the label he joined almost 15 years ago. Whether working under his K.O.D. or Afro Wav moniker, the producer crafts vocal and melody-driven Afro-house, giving the genre a pop accent accessible to all ears. In 2020, the composer, entrepreneur, DJ and poet offered us a spiritual PAM Club. Clean, fluid and often dreamlike, K.O.D’s sound is based on our common need to convey our thoughts and emotions, whether positive or negative. Convinced that music is the best vehicle to display this concept, the Zimbabwean “King of Drums” translates this natural instinct on Emotion 2, exploring different personal feelings related to joy, love, the need for attention or the loss of a loved one.

On this new open-hearted album, K.O.D. gathers his listeners around fraternal lyrics, warm African percussions and ethereal synthesizers, reminding us in his own way how much the human being likes to be listened to. Always tinged with hope, Emotion 2 goes through different states and elegantly appropriates the codes of afro-house of course, but also the energy of afro-tek or the deep bass of amapiano. K.O.D also surrounds himself with a team of talented guests composed of Michael King, Kaiya, Mandisa, Stewie Le Savage or Prudence Mabhena, endowing his work with a double strength: pleasant domestic listening and epic dancefloor bangers.

Emotions 2 out March 31st