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PAM Club: the solar grooves of Jimena Angel

Known for her talents as a singer and musician, the sparkling Jimena Angel shares her recent passion for DJing in a PAM Club fueled by Afro-Latin rhythms, and lovingly crafted from her beloved Colombia.

Musically active for over 20 years, Jimena Angel is not the kind of woman to rest on her laurels. The Colombian musician launched her musical career in the 90s with her first band Pepa Fresa, and then deepened her knowledge of Colombian rhythms with her mentors Teto Ocampo and Ivan Benavides. Between two reggae riddims as guitarist of the group Alerta Kamarad, she discovered the power of electronic music with Richard Blair in the project Sidestepper. All these experiences have nourished her creativity and made Jimena what she is today: a complete artist who has enough strings in her bow to excel as a solo artist, while surrounding herself with eminent producers like iZem, Nikitch or Joaquin Cornejo.

Author of the luminous mini-album Aire and a handful of singles including “Llamameya” that we spoke about in 2020, Jimena has also been nominated for a Latin Grammy with her solo project. She intends to turn this into a success at the end of the year as she is working on her next full-length album, for which she recently revealed a single and a video in collaboration with Captain Planet. As if her resume wasn’t long enough, Jimena launched herself at the turntables in 2022 and offers us a PAM Club that doesn’t leave any guessing about her “novice” status. She displays impeccable technique in the service of an equally exciting selection between Brazilian edits, Afro-disco, highlife and Afro-Latin rhythms of all kinds!

Pan African Music · PAM Club : Jimena Angel


BHLB – Orias Bataria Mash Up
Grupo socavon – Homenaje a Justino
Batida – Eléctrico (feat. Branko)
Agrupación Changó – Entre Patía y Sanquianga (Prieto Riddiman remix)
Rose Juam – Cabidelo
Maga Bo – Cadê Zé (feat. Rosângela Macedo)
Toda Menina Baiana (Tahira Remix)
Phillipi & Rodrigo – Gueto de Gent
Souleance – Secoue
Carrot Green – Ponto Gira (Original Mix)
Wganda kenya – Yoro
Tim Maia – Sossego (Rafael Cancian Re-Edit)
Eko – Killimanjaro (Aroop Roy rework)
Orchestre Poly Rythmo De Cotonou, Bosq – Djanfa Magni (Bosq’s Afro Disco Mix)
The Funkees – Salam (Sibu & Joe Nagall edit)
Xanga – This is the Way it Starts (Henri Le Blanc Remix)
PRACE – Gnawawa (feat. Abdoul1987)
Nairobi Matata Jazz – Tampa Tampa (TBB Edit)
Alma Negra – Tabanka (Version Sofrito)
MMM – MMM Meets Tshetsha Boys
Bibi Tanga & The Selenites – Be Africa
Anoman Brouh Felix – Monye Mewo (Bon Valentino quick mashup house fix)
PEDRO – Drenas
Pedro Lima – Maguidala
Frankie Francis & Simbad – Fiesta Angola (Farra Dança – Edit)
Debruit – Nigeria What

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Captain Planet & Jimena Angel – Pambelé (Official Music Video)