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PAM Club: Bab and KasbaH, celebrating Maghreb

Through their Musique de fête project, the Bab and Kasbah duo reconcile club culture and traditional oriental music. They leave us this PAM Club as an invitation to their next parties!

After several years spent scouring the underground scene, Nadir aka KasbaH resurfaces to produce music inspired by world cultures and nature, recording voices and melodies on the fly as he travels. Naturally, he finds a shared passion for hybridization with Bab, also a label manager, DJ and producer. Together, they combine their energy through production and event organization, offering a contemporary vision of their heritage. They aim to represent the diasporas of North Africa and the Middle East, inviting artists such as Acid Arab, Kabylie Minogue and Taxi Bebab on their Musique de Fête compilations, feeding a collective and timeless need to party, share and celebrate. After a series of three mixtapes, they put the finishing touches to Mektoub 303, a joint EP with melodies inspired by raï and chaâbi music, echoing childhood memories, family reunions, the atmosphere of weddings and their roots.

“A mix in the image of our productions, but also of our Sunday ‘Salle des fëtes’ residency at Cabaret Sauvage, which we like to call ‘Tradi/Club’. A space where tradition and club culture mix in a process of disorientation to combat systemic folklorization.”

Pan African Music · PAM Club : Bab et Kasbah


Drumspyder – Tabla Solo 4
House Heroes – Magic Orgasm (Club 69 Future Mix)
Nakriz – Moniety (Boshoco Acid Mix)
Losless – Shaula (Original Mix)
KasbaH – Arabic Folk Dance
L.P. Rhythm – Street Knowledge
Yeni Mezdeke – DJ Dino Radio Versiyon
Shiran Tisalouni KSBH Remix (unreleased)
Yahya – Ego Down (Original Mix)
Said Mrad – Crying Man
Mino S – Desert Sensation
Muskila – Bateekh

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