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PAM Club: get wild with Mask On

In Abidjan, Mask On is democratizing electronic music and bringing us this PAM Club as danceable as it is inspiring. There’s just one rule: get wild.

Behind his variously patterned mask, Mask On sets up a barrier between the person and the artist, focusing attention on the music above all else. Based in Abidjan, Emmanuel discovered electronic music – an under-represented genre in Côte d’Ivoire – during a workshop with Dom Peter in 2020. Like a mentor, the owner of the Blanc Manioc label set him on the path to DJing, a passion that would become paramount in the aftermath of the pandemic. A lover of hip-hop, he combines this all-purpose genre with the music that’s rocking the world’s clubs, especially from Africa: coupé décalé, bouyon, cruise, gqom and afro-house flirt with trance, techno and mainstream music. In search of the right balance between popular music and underground sound, he joined forces with DJs and graphic designers Seny.D and Lionnel de Souza, with the mission of democratizing electronic music in the country. The trio, called Djaouli Ent., has already set up the promising Bôrô de Djaouli evening concept, as well as co-organizing an evening with the Moonshine collective in the capital last March. Between two episodes of his monthly Djaouli’s Disturbance residency on Oroko Radio, Mask On delivers a 45-track PAM Club, a festive hour that speaks volumes about the collective’s potential to set Abidjan and the surrounding area ablaze.

Pan African Music · PAM Club : Mask On


INTRO : Diddy Thank You
Bun Xapa, Artivdeep – Bapostola (Original Mix)
Djeff – God’s Of The Sand
Moonchild Sanelly – Jiva Juluka
Master KG – Black Drum
Felo Le Tee – Holy Water
Que DJ – We Don’t Play The Same Gqom (Feat. General C’mamane)
Funknero Uzok’dlalela – Escape Room
DJ Lag – Raptor
Omagoqa – Gqom In London
Dladla Mshunqisi – Ini Yona
Pro-Tee – Insimbi (Feat. Dj Zebra)
Afrokillerz – Tukutukutu
Lilocox – Arrazo
Danifox – Long Way Talk (Reprise)
Negoo – Naruto Uzumaki
B I L L Y G – 60% G Y L L I B
DJ Bboy – Stamina
Tyson – Dança Mais Essa
JLZ & Lycox – Uh Uh Balançou
Zola – 7.65
Ekany – Clout (Ekany Baile Edit)
DJ Everton – Da Ol Senta E Se Acaba
Tam Sir – Tchoukoutaindé
Gafacci – Speed
La Dame – Mordido (Feat. Cyril Atef)
Alfredo Picante – Namora Cuia Bué
Milo & Fabio – Vanessa Remix (With Ghetto Boy, Zinga)
Carlos Monsta – Luanda
Mulatoh Prod – Wolosso A Ma Sauce
Mister Z – Yé Danse
DJ Cora – Sapa Beat
DJ Yk Mule – Am A Baboo
DJ Yk Mule – 2 Some Cruise
Renard Barakissa – La Mémé
Pikatchou Le Moine – L’alphabet
Fior 2 Bior – O’cho
Dj Bilkouaye x Galanta – Yonyon Riddim
A$Ap Rocky & Skepta – Praise The Lord (Lazy Flow Bouyon Edit)
Djneptune973 – My Shit Get Back (Feat. Cookiee Kawaii)
Mask On x $ealmi Coller – Le Bouyon
Litleboy Lsbeats767 – Sya-Syb
Matyouz Tha Harajukunt – My Chatte (Boutcha Bwa Bouyon Remix)
Lunik – O Top
OUTRO : Shatta Wale Be Afraid (Skit)

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