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PAM Club: Burland digs a tunnel between England and Ghana
Photo @rohanchityal

PAM Club: Burland digs a tunnel between England and Ghana

To mark the release of the UK to GH EP in collaboration with Ghanaian vocalist Zongo Abongo, British artist Burland delivers a PAM Club at the crossroads of the sounds that drive him, from dancehall to funky, UK to batida.

Based in Bristol, Burland creates hybrid electronic music that’s just as suited to carnival sound systems as it is to London’s underground clubs. With K.O.G and Ghanaian drummer Okoe Ashiboi on his list of collaborations, Burland assumes his attraction to West African vocals and percussion. So it’s no coincidence that he meets Zongo Abongo at Ghana’s Meet Me There festival in 2018, marking the starting point of a collaboration that’s sure to sparkle. UK to GH is the duo’s third collaboration, an EP that takes the best of one man’s reggae dancehall and highlife background and blends it with the other’s UK bass and UK garage influences. A regular on the global club scene, Zongo Abongo has already collaborated with The Busy Twist, Thornato and Ghetto Kumbé, an experience which partly explains his ease on “Nyura”, the first track on the EP, which takes us by the hand at a dancehall party with its pumping bass and unifying lyrics. On “Try to Test”, the duo turn off the lights and pick up the tempo in a style that borders on grime, striking the right balance between the two personalities. Before concluding with the downtempo but nonetheless hard-hitting “Last Chance”, Burland and Zongo Abongo offer a peak time with the 2-step beat of “Telephone no Wire”, the perfect incarnation of English-style highlife!

“Here is a cross pollinated mix starting with some Dancehall by-way-of Uganda, followed by downtempo percussion & Afro House tracks, Batida, UK Funky, Afrobeat and percussion driven 140 & 160 bpm tracks, showcasing some of my collaborations with Ghanaian Master Drummer Okoe Ashiboi.”

Pan African Music · PAM Club : Burland


Burland & Swordman Kitala – Sweet Bebe (forthcoming Club Yeke)
Burland – Dagobah VIP
Syz – Du Rong (Troy Gunner Remix)
Deny Sinto – Dale
Lit Co. Products – Aquele Toque
DJ Danifox – Chopper
DJ Kev Karter & Lilocox – Rukon
Lokowat – Tribalizado
Vanyfox – Off-White
Lilocox – Los Hermanos
Busy Twist – Yaga Skank
Burland – Agbekor
Roska – Pez Dispenser
Swordman Kitala & Village Cuts – Digida
Doctor Jeep – Violins
Mina – Make Money (Snøw Remix)
Jail Time & Empereur – Sa Ngando
Jsport – Capoeira Drum
Lokowat – Chuva
JV & Palf – Gully
Nubiyan Twist – They Talk (feat. K.O.G)
Batida – Bazuka
Kwame Write – Mudhouse (prod. Burland)
Fill Spectre – Africana
Ehua – Roman
Busy Twist – Train Soukous
Busy Twist & Zongo Abongo – (White Label)
Carib – Dirt Floor
Burland – Untitled 140 (Kamer Remix)
Burland – Riffin’ On The Bow
Marcoahz – Ibiza Ridmo
Burland – ???

UK to GH is available via Galletas Calientes

Follow Burland on Instagram.