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PAM Club: lusophone sounds with Daviaa

For this new episode of PAM Club, we welcome London-based DJ and producer Daviaa, from Lisbon. The unwavering standard-bearer of Afro-electronic music from the Portuguese-speaking world, he delivers a galvanizing set driven by his obsession for batida and beyond.

Between his fortnightly show, Na Tchada, on Reprezent Radio, his participation on Love In The Endz alongside Blue Canariñho on the same London radio station, and his GET.TO.KNOW interview series, Daviaa is the kind of artist driven by his passions. A dedicated disciple of batida, kuduro, baile funk and other Afro-electronic fusions from the Portuguese-speaking world, the young beatsman highlights the underground artisans of these vibrant scenes with an infectious enthusiasm. Besides his radio activities, Daviaa is also a promising producer, having released his debut EP, Solarian, in the spring of 2020 in collaboration with rapper/singer Sushi Sound, highlighting his desire to infuse his Portuguese roots into tropical-tinged productions, particularly on “Como Tu.” Here, on a set that stretches to beyond the hour mark, Daviaa offers a deluxe version of what we can already discover every other Tuesday on Na Tchada, “the hub for the unreleased, the undiscovered and the unparalleled, electronic sounds from Portugal, Brazil and the PALOP.”

“I compiled some of my favourite tunes from Na Tchada into a mix; It’s got some unreleased gems, some new edits and some live mashups. Enjoy the journey from 90BPM all the way up to 155BPM and back down!”

Tracklist :

1. Torcida Tool – Pedro Da Linha

2. Tra Tra – Nfasis

3. Auto de Fe – La Diabla & Rastronaut

4. Volta – VHOOR

5. Okiniiri Riddim – L C Y



8. Bass FC – Gafacci

9. Terra – VHOOR

10. Dreams – Ms Mavy Feat. Kensaye

11. Summer Nights – VANYFOX

12. Drunk in Love (Davia Vocal Edit) – Colismind

13. CTG – Branko & Iuri Oliveira

14. Drinks & Kolors – Tatoun x VANYFOX

15. Chicago 86 – Bandicut

16. Lava Bos Mon Feat. Tchida Afrikanu – DANYKAS DJ

17. Drena (Tony Quattro Remix) – Lua Preta

18. Akelarre – La Diabla & Rastronaut

19. Tribalizado – Lokowat


21. Capote – Traz Agua

22. Stand By Me (Club Edit) – Branko

23. TU – Traz Agua

24. Cadenza – Blue Canarinho

25. Abuso – Dotorado Pro

26. Batimento – PEDRO

27. PANICO – DJ Lycox x TYSON

28. Feel Good RMX – Narciso X Poco

29. Vem no Aquecimento Feat. Edge & Peste – KLap 7 DJ Lycox

30. Find My Way Home (Brunoso Edit) – Sammy Virji

31. Bandidaa – Wavezim


33. Highest lollypop (hedo edit) – Travis Scott & Rosalia

34. Ashar – Nuvens Pretas

35. ASK FLIPZ – Blue Canarinho

36. Long Distance (Marlon Branco Funk 150 Edit) – Sam Gellaitry

37. Back It Up – Jaca

38. Déjà Vu (Davia Vocal Edit) – EU. CLIDES

39. Tudo Certo (Roulet Bootleg) – Branko Feat. Dino d’Santiago x JMSN

Find Daviaa on Souncloud, Instagram and Spotify.