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PAM Club: a 100% vinyl mix under the direction of I.O.T Records

Hip-hop, vinyls and the South African scene: for the new episode of PAM Club, we called on Aymeric Genty, the boss of the amazing label I.O.T. Records, from Marseille, France.

“Mix necessarily rhymes with vinyl for me. So I was a little more limited in my choices. Especially since my comfort zone is more usually towards the breakbeat and the harder electro. But I love all the records in this selecta! As much as one can never be sure of the quality of their mix, I am also certain of all the records listed! When Théo and Pan-African-Music came to get me I was a little surprised, I did not see the direct relationship with the artists of the label, but, on closer inspection, the music of the African continent innervates the life of the label I.O.T. since the beginning! Our very first release, the audio report African Expedisound, was the result of a six-month trip orchestrated by several Sound Systems in West Africa. Our last release takes its roots and its inspiration in the Tunisian Djérid! Between these two references, we ventured into South Africa with rapper Yugen Blakrok, and the fiery project Dookoom.”

Tracklisting :

Azu Tiwaline – Izen Zaren [I.O.T records]
Yugen Blakrok feat. Historian Himself & Fifi The Railblaster – Hibiscus [I.O.T records / Iapetus Records]
Kanif The Jahtmaster – Beats
Dookoom – Gangstaz [I.O.T records]
Ben Sharpa – Hegemony [Jarring Effect/Pioneer Unit]
Cape Town Effect – All Rise [Jarring Effect/Pioneer Unit]
Art Melody – Barka Barka [Akwaba Music / Tentacule Records]
Neon Don – Life is Neon [African Dope Records]
Art Melody – La Fin des Temps feat. Fils du Béton & Ousmane Zaré (Waguess Family) [Akwaba/Pioneer Unit]

Ben Sharpa