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Moor Mother launches a new collaborative and charitable project

Moor Mother and Olof Melander release the first part of a series of EPs on the Don Giovanni label, available in digital and on tape in a limited edition of 200 copies.

Recorded in March, the album blends “cyborg lo-fi rap and poetry” with Melander’s rhythmic production, alongside the sounds of flutes and drums. The first three tracks of the ANTHOLOGIA 01 project, “Ol Time Religion”, “Oleander” and “Wolfsbane-Gifted”, lay the foundations of the series, between Afrofuturism and militancy.

All funds raised will be donated to Afrofuturist Affair, a platform for resources and exchanges around Afrofuturism, which also raises funds to support the most in need. Moor Mother explains in a press release that the project aims to help people with disabilities, black women who suffer violence, the elderly and LGBT people to give them access to care or medical equipment for example.

The album is already available for order on Bandcamp.